In collaboration with Professor Libert’s Department (Faculté Polytechnique de Mons), the Région Wallone and La Maison de l’entreprise (Mons-Belgium), Working Forms Softwares (W.F.S.) develops softwares in order to recognize objects and analize their movements.

With deltadyn® articular software it would be possible to calculate quite accurately the articular mobility from a standard X-ray exam. Deltadyn® articular treats the DICOM, BMP or JPEG.

In case of vertebra algias, most of the time, X-ray examination is made in a static position. If the radiologist makes a dynamic examination the reading is made with his own eyes. However the human eye is not reliable enough to calculate the vertebral movement accurately. This gives a rough diagnosis of the vertebral mobility, not very compatible with a scientific approach.

We try to develop a software which recognizes the vertebrae and calculates the vertebral movement automatically, which can easily be applied in every day use.

With few radiologist’s interventions, Deltadyn® articular would make it possible to recognize cervical, lumbar and dorsal vertebrae in most movements. Then Deltadyn® articular would calculate the mobility of each vertebra (flexion, extension, bendings, rotations) compared to neutral position or also the angular values of a scoliosis. Deltadyn® articular would allow a global scientific study .

The first results emphasize mechanical disruptions not detectable with the eyes. Deltadyn® articular would supplement the static analysis that, by itself, cannot give a full vertebral diagnosis.

In the same way, it would be possible to analize most of the articulations.

Actually, Deltadyn® articular only works in a laboratory.