Since 1985, we have been leading  researches about visceral osteopathy. Results of the first statistic study,  based upon radiographic and echographic documents, have shown an organised and repetitive dynamics of viscera. That means  abdominal viscera do move on a specific way under diaphragma pressure.

A new statistical study, based upon radiographic documents as well, shows that a definite visceral dysfunction (gastralgia, reflux, …) seems to be in correlation with a definite perturbed dynamics.

Trying to define a possible inter viscera pressing model based upon dynamic radiographic documents, we have put into an evidence statistical coefficients of correlation for all the dynamic parameters between themselves for all the segments of the gastro-intestinal tract and both diaphragmatic coupola during the respiratory act.

Some very interesting notions have appeared : vertical and crossed columns of pressure seem to be outlined.

In order to re-equilibrate those movements, we propose new visceral manual normalizations based on the precise knowledge of visceral dynamics and dysfunction, visco elastic tissues properties and  pressure columns as shown  in our researches.

Also, enclosed in an Evidence based Medicine concept,  we have performed a very large qualitative meta analysis (500 scientific studies) upon diaphragm functions. This comes to possibly understand how pressure columns devellop and install visceral osteopathic dysfunction and how we can frame this into the delicate goal of global approach of the patient by a scientifically based model of routine.

Furthermore, a new qualitative meta analysis conducted upon the uro genital mechanical osteopathic function and dysfunction, integrated into the pressure columns model,  lead to a program of external normalizations.

On an other way,  as  official research associates,  we are carrying out  researches with  Engineers of the FPMs (Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium) about analysis of visceral dynamics in everyday medical imagery.